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First things first, a tennis racquet grip size is the circumference of the tennis racquet before you wrap an overgrip over it, which means the size you need will depend on the size of your hand. When choosing your first tennis racquet, you must also test out the grip size. Remember, you can always increase the size with an overgrip.

Most tennis racquets will be available in 4 sizes, unless it is a specific junior or adult sized tennis racquet. Let’s dive right in. You may already have noticed by now that tennis racquet grip sizes are measured in inches. 

Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes: 

  • 4 ⅛ inches or Grip Size 1: Extra small. This first grip size suits small children. 
  • 4 ¼ inches or Grip Size 2: Small. Best suited for children or women with small hands.
  • 4 ⅜ inches or Grip Size 3: Medium. Suitable for women and men depending on their hand size (we’ll explain this below). 
  • 4 ½ inches or Grip Size 4: Large. Racquets with this grip size suits men with large hands.

Try this:

When you have chosen your tennis racquet, hold it in your dominant hand and take a few shadow or air swings. A general rule of thumb we have at Everything Tennis Pro Shop is that it should feel comfortable and that your fingers and palm are not touching.

The tricky part you might be wondering about is how much space there should be between your fingers and palm. The answer is the index finger on your other hand. Take the index finger and place it in between the fingers and palm that’s holding the racquet.

If there isn’t enough space for your index finger, then the grip is too small. Likewise if there is more space between your index finger and palm, then the grip is too big.

Alternatively, use a ruler and open your dominant hand with your fingers extended close together. (See image below.) Align the ruler with the bottom crease of your palm and measure to the tip of your ring finger.

It’s okay if you’re in between numbers. Choose the smaller size and use an overgrip. It’s easier to increase the racquet handle size with an overgrip. We actually recommend you to replace your grip regularly as a way to protect the racquet handle’s original grip. Happy hitting!

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