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There are lots of parts to just a tennis racquet. From the type of overgrip that goes over the tennis racquet handle to the shape of your frame and the type of string, each part is fundamental to the overall performance of the tennis racquet. The fundamentals of a tennis racquet definitely plays a vital part to your performance on the tennis court. And with that in mind, tennis strings are more than just ‘strings’. Think about them as the engine to your tennis racquet.

Knowing a bit about tennis string gauge is important when choosing a string for your tennis racquet. When your stringer talks about gauge, he or she is referring to the thickness of the tennis string. You should know that most strings on the market are between 15 gauge (the thickest) and 18 (the thinnest).  

Thinner strings offer more playability which gives power and more spin potential while thicker strings offer durability. 

The gauges are also available in half-gauges that are identified with an ‘L’ such as 15L and 16L which is short for ‘light’.

Below is a graph that converts the gauge to millimeters for a better understanding.

Gauge Graph

Gauge 151.35Standard Gauge
Gauge 161.30Popular Gauge
Gauge 171.25Thinner than Normal
Gauge 181.20Thinnest Gauge

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