Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated Pink 3 pack

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Wilson Pro Overgrip Perforated version is the most popular overgrip for added moisture absorption. This best selling overgrip is now available with perforation for added feel. These overgrips are made of super-thin, high-stretch felt for optimal feel. They have a great feel and don’t develop a wet feeling from sweat. This grip is really high-quality stuff. Place it over a leather grip and perfection in a hand. This overgrip lasts so much longer than other ones. They have the perfect thickness, perfect feel, and they take a long time to wear out or peel off. It offers a smooth, non-inhibiting surface, and a two week TW playtest showed good durability.


  • Three overgrips per pack
  • Colors: Pink
  • Perforated synthetic overgrip.
  • Moist, sticky surface for maximum grip.
  • Maximum racket grip control.
  • Optimal sweat absorption thanks to perforation.


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