Wilson Hollow Core 1.33 Clear Single Set

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Hollow Core is an innovative nylon multifilament from Wilson. Hollow Core is the first string that, instead of a round solid core, has an air-filled, hollow triangle-shaped core. According to Wilson, this hollow core is what gives the string its unique playing properties, namely, superb power, comfort, and control. Around the triangular core are wrapped high-elasticity microfibers, which are coated for ease of installation.


  • First of its kind, Wilson’s Hollow Core has air-filled core
  • The air in the synthetic gut amplifies power, comfort and control
  • Powerful and comfortable string from a synthetic gut that is very arm friendly.
  • Gauge: 16 (1.33mm) – 200M reel
  • Length: 12.2m
  • Colour: Clear


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