Tecnifibre TFight RS 305 Tennis Racquet

$ 349.95



The Tecnifibre TFight RS 305 tennis racquet has a constant 22.5mm beam, consistent with the T-Fight RS models. The Xtreme Touch Construction returns and is placed just above the grip and in three key portions of the racquet head. Tecnifibre filled the inside of the T-Fight 305 with foam to improve comfort and vibration dampening.

The 305 is 10.8 ounces unstrung and is very easy to swing from the back of the court. With a 98 square inch head and denser 18×19 string pattern, this racquet is more suited to the advance player. The new 305 is a more explosive and comfortable update. This higher swing weight makes the Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 less manueverable then the other T-Fight racquets.

Additional information

Grip Size

4 3/8 Inch


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