Luxilon Savage 127 Lime String Set

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The Savage from the high-quality brand Luxilon is suitable for fanatic tour players. In other words, the string is suitable for those who plays tennis at a high level. This hexagonal string makes it possible to give an extreme amount of spin to the ball. The ideal string for tennis players who put a lot of power in their strokes. Because it is a very strong string, you hardly have a loss of tension. If you have strung your racket at 26 kg, then it will still be at 26 kg after multiple matches or training sessions. The Luxilon Savage takes your tennis game to a higher level and have a long service life.


  • Luxilon Savage Lime 127 Tennis String
  • 16 Guage / 1.27mm
  • 40 Ft / 12.2 m
  • Lime Green


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