Luxilon Alu Power Soft 125 Silver 200m Reel

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This durable Alu Power Soft string from the top brand Luxilon is suitable for all-round tennis players who like to play controlled power play. The Alu Power Soft is made from the ideal combination between Co-polymer nylon and aluminium fibers. This combination provides an extra opportunity to put power into your strokes. In addition, this string increases the ball feel so that you can control the ball even better. The string is made using extra strong material which gives the string a high durability. This string loses very little tension in comparison to other strings. The string also ensures that vibration is absorbed, making the racket very comfortable to play with. The string is intended for players who want to combine power with high efficiency and superior ball control.


  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Aluminium
  • String Thickness: 1 mm
  • String Length: 200 m
  • Packaging: Reel
  • Type of String: Control / Durable / Power


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